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Detox programs and Holistic treatments


Detox, or 'fasting' programs have become an increasingly popular choice for visitors to Koh Samui in recent years. Previously only available at impersonal and often drab specialist centres, we are now able to arrange in-villa detox programs and other holistic treatments and natural therapies to improve your well-being in the intimacy and privacy of home environment.

Treatments are carried out by trained and accredited professionals, who are experienced and dedicated. In the case of detox programs, you will be visited daily by your assigned supervisor, who will provide guidance and instruction.

As resources and therapists are limited, we recommend pre-booking any required treatments, although can arrange for appointments during your stay subject to availability. If you would like to arrange an initial consultation in your villa, a 1 hour introduction can be arranged for a nominal fee of 500 THB.


Why Detox?

Nowadays we absorb excessive amounts of toxins into our bodies. Air pollution, smoking, and a diet over-loaded with sugar, processed food, alcohol, food additives, and vegetables sprayed with pesticides all contribute to a build up of toxins in the body. These substances are stored in the cells, especially fat cells, the lymphatic system, and internal organs, causing symptoms such as low energy, allergies, poor circulation, poor skin condition, liver and kidney problems, and gout.

A fasting and detox program is designed to eliminate toxins from the body. When you don’t eat, fat cells are re-absorbed into the blood stream. The toxins from these cells are removed by the psyllium and bentonite that pass through the digestive system. The result is that, not only do you lose weight, but you feel great – lighter, cleaner, more energised and joyful.


Will I Feel Hungry?

No, you will not feel hungry. The psyllium and bentonite drinks that you take provide enough bulk in your stomach to make you feel full, without actually being absorbed or digested. You will also be given herbal supplements and multi-vitamins and minerals to provide your body with essential nutrients during the program.


Will I Need a Daily Colonic?

It is highly recommended to have a colonic every day, as it helps with the detox process. However, sometimes for various reasons people are unable to take a colonic, in which case a herbal laxative be taken instead. These can be supplied, and will result in a 10% reduction in the program cost.


Program cost, per person:

5 day Program 20000 THB

7 day Program 24000 THB

9 day Program 28000 THB

(10% discount for 2 or more people)


Each program includes:

All Ingredients

Full Instructions and Guidance

Daily Colonics

Daily Supervision

Daily Exercise Program



Natural Therapies

Natural therapies can be used to complement a detox program. They can also be booked separately as individual sessions, at a cost of 2000 THB per hour, except for massage and meditation, at 1000 THB.

Acupuncture can be helpful for those who wish to quit smoking. It is also a way of balancing the body’s energy system, which will improve organ function, and relieve many aches, pains and other ailments.

Reiki uses the universal life force to stimulate the body’s own ability to heal itself. Founded by a Japanese Buddhist monk, Mikao Usai,  it is now practiced around the world. A gentle and relaxing therapy, the Reiki practitioner channels healing energy through their hands into various parts of the body, concentrating on those areas most in need of healing.

Nutritional Guidance offers a personal consultation with a trained nutritionist. A tailor-made nutritional plan is designed taking into account your constitution, present health and lifestyle habits. Looks at maintaining health after your detox program through food combining, minerals and supplements, lifestyle needs and creating healthy menus. Helpful for weight problems, food allergies, high blood pressure, illness recovery, low energy, skin rashes, acne, frequent infections and parasites.

Cranio-Sacral Therapy is a gentle yet profound therapy based on osteopathic, biomechanical and energy healing techniques. Excellent for many conditions, including asthma, neck and back pain, TMJ syndrome, post-operative conditions, headaches and sleep disorders, depression, digestive problems, sinusitis, falls and injuries. Also includes intuitive diagnosis and energy balancing.

Counselling is a way to explore the mental and emotional issues that contribute to excessive stress in your life, with an experienced professional. Very helpful for psycho-somatic illnesses, depression, lifestyle issues, relationship difficulties and childhood trauma or neglect.

Sacred Geometrics Healing Work is a powerful yet gentle healing method that restores the body’s original state of healthy balance and well-being. Through the use of special toning and sound vibration, Sacred Geometrics realigns the patterning within the etheric body, restoring the etheric blueprint to its original, perfect form. This raises the body’s vibrational frequency, releasing unhelpful behaviour patterns and resulting in greater physical, mental and emotional health. Removing blockages in this way frees you up to take the next steps in your life.

Meditation is a way in which you can find relaxation and peace of mind. You can explore a variety of techniques drawn from Buddhist, Hindu and modern Western sources. Our teaching is not based on any religious doctrine, and we approach meditation from a practical, experiential and spiritual perspective.

Also available are Yoga, Massage (Thai, Relaxation, Foot Reflexology & Myofascial), Liver Cleanse Candida Treatment and Beauty Therapy







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